"I won't wear my button that says, "I'm a Slayer. Ask me how!" ". - Buffy, Season One: Never Kill a Boy on the First Date.

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  • August 2014: Time for some maintenance. Site is getting a facelift so some pages under construction. Watch this space.
  • March 22 2009: Xandertastic - Nicholas "Xander" Brendon is one of the guests lined up for Hallowhedon (an unofficial UK Whedonverse convention in October 2009). Click on the banner below for more details.
  • February 2 2009: I've just renewed the hosting for this site. Yay me. Shame the same can't be said for SCORE. Seems www.btvsccg.com is gone! The domain name is owned by a gurumarketer.com and the link goes to a Wholesale Store Fixtures site. Sad really. Now I have to change all my headers. On a more positive note, I've just discovered Bones on DVD. Fantastic series. With the lab family solving crimes it's a bit like another 3 seasons of Angel. Just with more messy corpses.
  • March 9 2008: I've decided to sell off my Buffy CCG collection. So, if you are looking to fill some gaps in your collection, head to the top of my Shops page for more details.
  • October 24 2007: Found out today that you can play the Buffy CCG online. Looks neat and provided by the CCG Workshop. I've not tried it yet but will do when I get some free time. Also more dead link maintenance.
  • June 1 2007: More link maintenance. Added a couple of shops and removed all the dead links on the Shops page. Finished rewatching Buffy and now watching Angel Season 5. The complete Angel boxset (Seasons 1-5) is now at the bargain price of 69.97 at Amazon. Amazing price for 30 quality dvds.
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