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"We fight, we die. Wishing doesn't change that." - Bizarroland Buffy, Season Three: The Wish.

Borderlands Comics and Games - May 4, 2003, Tournament Report: by JayCEprime

Howdy one and all! Here�s the latest and greatest Tournament Report for the Buffy The Vampire Slayer CCG held in Jacksonville, Florida, at Borderlands Comics and Games, on Sunday, May 4, 2003. This time around, we had a whopping FOUR players show up!

What?!? Just FOUR? What happened to all of those able bodied folks down here in the sunshine state?

Well, Todd was sick, John had a prior engagement, Dom W could not make it to town, Jennice had to work, and Ralph is in the Navy, protecting our country!

Well, so this time around, we had yours truly, Jason B, Watcher of these parts. Also attending was Amy T, beautiful wife of Todd T, our top ranked player in these parts, plus Barb C, beautiful wife of Ralph C, and Dom G, our illustrious Judge in this neck of the woods...

So here�s what we did. Given we had four players, we each matched up and played against each other once. Since Barb had to arrive late, we didn�t have formal rounds, but we did time each other�s games at 50 minutes, and again each played against the other so we were able to have our deck go against all decks available. Here�s what we had this time around:

Amy T and Willow
(Go figure?)

Barb C and Vamp Xander
(What else is new?)

Dom G and Rupert Giles PP
(Oh no! Look out! It�s the return of Dom�s Giles Deck!)

Jason B and Bizarroland Buffy
("Excuse me? Don�t you mean, Buffy?" Nope, you heard it right. Jason went with another deck, but it still had Sarah Michelle Gellar.... Schwing!)

So I�ll just break it down by how we ranked, from bottom to top, since we didn�t have formal rounds�

Amy placed 4th with her Willow deck:
Amy/Willow won over Dom G/Giles, 25 Tournament Points
Amy/Willow lost to Jason/Bizarroland Buffy, 2 Tournament Points
Amy/Willow lost to Barb/Vamp Xander, 9 Tournament Points
Total: 36 Tournament Points

Barb placed 3rd with her Vamp Xander Deck:
Barb/Vamp Xander lost to Dom G/Giles, 6 Tournament Points
Barb/Vamp Xander won over Amy/Willow, 25 Tournament Points
Barb/Vamp Xander lost to Jason/Bizarroland Buffy, 7 Tournament Points
Total: 38 Tournament Points

Dom G (TomServo) placed 2nd with his Rupert Giles PP Deck:
Dom G/Giles lost to Amy/Willow, 0 Tournament Points
Dom G/Giles won over Barb/Vamp Xander, 25 Tournament Points
Dom G/Giles won over Jason/Bizarroland Buffy, 25 Tournament Points
Total: 50 Tournament Points

Jason (JaycePrime) placed 1st with his Bizarroland Buffy Deck:,/b>
Jason/Bizarroland Buffy won over Amy/Willow, 25 Tournament Points
Jason/Bizarroland Buffy lost to Dom G/Giles, 1 Tournament Point
Jason/Bizarroland Buffy won over Barb/Vamp Xander, 25 Tournament Points
Total: 51 Tournament Points

Jason (that�s me) edges out the Dom-ster by 1 Point! But alas, I�m the Watcher, so I can�t win the prize. Up for grabs today was supposed to be a Non Foil Ultra Rare PP Primal Connection, but since we had few people show up, we�ll save that for our next patrol. So to Dom G goes a Xander the Zeppo. Chaperones went to Amy and Barb, and everyone got some Gathering Votes, as well, which thankfully replaced Bracelet as the participation prize.

Well, join us next time when our next formal Patrol will be Sunday, May 18, the weekend after Mother�s Day. Normal rules will apply, so no special format. Two weeks after that, we will have a HotW/VotW ONLY Patrol, so stay tuned for details.

Also, for those joining us, we�ll be meeting at Grinder�s Caf� from Brunch, then playing for about three rounds, and then heading out to watch, The Matrix Reloaded.... *whoa*

Thanks everyone, and happy slaying!


When there's no rhyme or reason, listen to.... Jason
-- AKA --
JayCEprime, pronounced jase-prime, Watcher, Sunny Jacksonville, Florida, USA

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