"As it is written, so shall it be" - The Master, reading from the writings of Aurelius. Season One: Never Kill a Boy on the First Date.

For all the latest news and gossip, visit the message board on the official BTVS ccg site. Here is a selection of news/rumors from various sources.

  • April 2 2003: It's official. The Buffy CCG is cancelled making "Class of '99" the last card set. Read more on this sad announcement here.

  • February 8 2003: Next big Score sponsored events are "Hero of the Week" events all February. New hero essence cards, CRD and it's all compatible with the previous Villian of the Week essences.

  • December 7 2002: The wait for Class of '99 in the UK is almost over. Rumor has it that the distributors will get it Monday so look for it in a store near you from Tuesday/Wednesday :)

  • December 3 2002: No sign of a release of Class of '99 for UK/Europe yet. Earliest estimates are December 10 :(

  • November 23 2002: Class of '99 released in the USA on the 18th November. Shipments rumored to be reaching the UK distributors by November 24th.

  • November 5 2002: Class of '99 release put back one week. The new release date is November 18 2002.

  • October 30 2002: Official release date for Class of '99 is announced as November 11 2002. More details are here.

  • October 3 2002: Check this out, the full Class of '99 Rulebook is now up on the web. More details are here.

  • August 29 2002: The folk at SCORE have been busy updating their site with details on the upcoming expansion "Class of '99". News on "The Wish" episode starters is here and new details on the release can be found here.

  • July 17 2002: SCORE has begun releasing images from the forthcoming expansion Class of '99. Check out the first one "Love Tatto" here. (NB if you load the background image into Paintshop and use some gamma correction, you can get an idea on the other cards to be released including what looks to be the new "Episode" cards). Also time to collect more stakes. Non-foil Angel's Curse ultra rares St. du Lac Mausoleum and Wrath of Angelus are soon to be added to the Card Commissary. More details here.

  • July 15 2002: Angel's Curse promo card P8 "Attack of the Stunt Doubles" available in Inquest Gamer #88 (August 2002). In store in shops now.

  • June 26 2002: You probably know that Class of '99 (for August release) will be a booster and starter expansion but did you know that the next two expansions are based on season four, will be booster only and are called "Slayer on Campus" and "The Initiative".

  • June 22 2002: New details of the release of Class of '99 from the May Consumer Newsletter. Due for release in August 2002 with 254 cards, 6 previews and 10 promos. New double sided essence (one side for the present and one for the future), 4 new themed decks including, from "The Wish", Vamp Willow and Vamp Xander. New rule book and new game mechanics with Episode cards to tie game play to specific episodes.

  • May 24 2002: First card image for Class of '99 released. Click here to get to see "Bored Now" ('99 #130).

  • May 18 2002: Buffy CCG Commissary opens on the official BTVS CCG site. Trade in your stake points (from booster and starter packs) for promo cards (50 points each) or non-foil versions of the ultra rares (200 points each). New watchers worldwide announced here. Look for a watcher in your area. Also it is confirmed that the first European Buffy CCG Consumer Newsletter will contain the promos: the Master in German and Angelus in Irish Gaelic.

  • May 9 2002: International redemption information for premuim Angel's Curse essence cards in now available here (My cards went in the post today :-)). According to the latest Inner Circle email it seems likely that the first European Buffy CCG Consumer Newsletter will contain the European Promos: the Master in German and Angelus in Irish Gaelic.

  • April 28 2002: Die Young and Stay Pretty events are coming. Check out the events page for more info. .

  • April 7 2002: Seems there are some collation issues with the release of Angel's Curse. There have been reports of some limited boxes containing two ultra rares :), others with only 35 boosters, some boosters with five rares and some boosters with extra AC rule cards. SCORE is aware of issues with their printer so good luck on opening those limited boxes while they are available. Angel's Curse unlimited edition goes on sale end of April. .

  • March 29 2002: Today, the first expansion for BTVSCCG "Angel's Curse" is released in the USA and Canada. Expect the European release next week (all things being reasonable). AC cards announced include 125 cards (common, uncommon, rare, 4 new essence cards and 2 ultra rares), three preview cards for the next expansion "Class of '99" and ten promo cards. .

  • March 2 2002: At long last, Buffy CCG is available in store in the UK. Stores will be releasing it on Monday or within the week, depending on their distributor. See here for more details.

  • Feb 20 2002: Shipping of product to Europe is underway (see here) making the European release very soon.

  • Feb 10 2002: First sanctioned Buffy CCG tournament at the Bag OBeans event this Saturday 9th in Florida, USA. Possible EU release in the next week or two as contract with Fox UK nearly confirmed. See here for more details. Score releases official tournament rules, details on hosting a tournament and application forms for becoming a tournament judge.

  • Feb 3 2002: Watchers announced: First group of Buffy CCG volunteers "The Watchers" are listed by area with email contact details.

  • Jan 19 2002: Valentines Day Massarce events on Feb 16 2002 worldwide; fun and games and an exclusive promo card VDM1 for all. First tournament rule announced: 60 card minimum deck size. Two cards errata'ed: Master Bones and Dig Up the Corpses are now errata'ed with the line "Send to the Crypt after use."

  • Jan 13 2002: Still no release date for Europe. Check out the ultra rare survey on the BTVS CCG message board here. Current results are 1 UR per 7-8 booster boxes.

  • Jan 5 2002: Limited edition is sold out in the USA and the unlimited edition is being printed. No release date for Europe yet but current rumors are end of January or Valentines Day (Feb 14th). However some good news it that Limited Edition product has been reserved for the European release.

  • December 17 2001: All the card images available on the official check list page. Buffy CCG cards available in Australia. Rumour has it that the European release has been delayed by licencing problems and will not get to distributors till January.

  • December 15 2001: Buffy CCG cards released to many parts of the USA. Cards also hit Ebay including the Ultra Rare Buffy Summers Lvl 3.

  • December 13 2001: Release delay in UK/Europe/Australia. No confirmed release date. US release should go ahead (in some places).

  • December 5 2001: Keep those wrappers ... wrapper redemption announced by Score.

  • December 2 2001: Free promo card by joining the Inner Circle.

  • November 26 2001: Official release date December 14 2001.

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