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"Hey, did everyone just see that guy turn into dust?" - Oz, Season Two: Surprize.

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United Kingdom--Australia --Belgium--Canada--Germany --Malaysia--The Netherlands--New Zealand --Poland--USA

Looking to find players in your area? Have a mailing list for your local group? Email me the details and I'll add them here. I'll add new countries as needed. (Format for players= Handle or name: Town: Region: Contact email).

Lists of the official Buffy CCG Volunteers, The Watchers, can be found here, here and here.

Mailing lists

  • If anyone is interested or wants to know more about the Buffy CCG in the UK, please contact Dave at with "Buffy CCG UK" in the subject.

  • Alex, a Watcher in The Netherlands, has a mailing list for dutch players. To subscribe they have to sent an e-mail to:

  • DjKungFuGorilla has a mailing list for those in and around Austin, TX. Send an email to if interested. I met some players there while passing through Austin in April and had a great time.

    United Kingdom

  • Keri/Coppergirl: Beds / Herts: email
  • Firelynx: Bristol: email
  • Dave: Derbyshire: email
  • Jack: Colchester: Essex: email
  • Wayne (Watcher) : Portsmouth : Hampshire : email
  • Simon : Tunbridge Wells : Kent : email
  • Andrew: London: email
  • Thomas: Uxbridge: London: email
  • Luke/MidniteFox: Manchester: North West: email
  • Sam: Uxbridge: Middlesex: email
  • Sparky: Hillington: Norfolk: email
  • Rob/Rob2kewl: Notts: email
  • Colin: Reading: South: email
  • Nigel: Gwent: South Wales: email
  • Becky: York: Yorkshire: email
  • Geth: York: Yorkshire: email
  • Shamus: Durham: County Durham: email
    United Kingdom--Australia--Belgium --Canada--Germany--Malaysia-- The Netherlands--New Zealand--Poland --USA


  • Kane: Brisbane: Queensland: email
  • Philipr: Melbourne: Victoria: email


  • Geert (Watcher): Putte: Antwerpen: email
  • Jurgen: email
    United Kingdom--Australia--Belgium --Canada--Germany--Malaysia --The Netherlands--New Zealand--Poland --USA


  • Earl: Edmonton: AB: email
  • Martin: Edmonton: AB: email
    United Kingdom--Australia--Belgium --Canada--Germany--Malaysia --The Netherlands--New Zealand--Poland --USA


  • Thorsten: Hannover: email
  • Carsten (Watcher): Jena: Thueringen: email
    United Kingdom--Australia--Belgium --Canada--Germany--Malaysia --The Netherlands--New Zealand--Poland --USA


  • Karry: email
    United Kingdom--Australia--Belgium --Canada--Germany--Malaysia --The Netherlands--New Zealand--Poland --USA

    The Netherlands

  • Renee: Hoevelaken: email
  • Eelco/Section31: Tilburg: Brabant: email
  • Alex (Watcher): De Bilt: Utrecht: email
    United Kingdom--Australia--Belgium --Canada--Germany--Malaysia --The Netherlands--New Zealand--Poland --USA

    New Zealand

  • Michael: Christchurch: email
    United Kingdom--Australia--Belgium --Canada--Germany--Malaysia --The Netherlands--New Zealand--Poland --USA


  • Wojciech/Hipo: Krakow: email
    United Kingdom--Australia--Belgium --Canada--Germany--Malaysia --The Netherlands--New Zealand--Poland --USA


    Organised by state
  • Scott/muldertp (Watcher): Tucson/Phoenix: Arizona: email
  • Geordi_Impersonator: Gilbert/Phoenix: Arizona: email
  • Troy/metrodj: Mesa: Arizona: email
  • Kristin/Glorificus: Tucson: Arizona: email
  • Dan/Haplo781 (Watcher): Whittier: Southern CA: email
  • Carole/WillowAndOz : Windsor: Connecticut: email
  • Mike/Ripper G (Watcher) : Windsor: Connecticut: email
  • John/Spike in Denver (Watcher) : Westminster: CO : email
  • Teri: Port St. John: Central Florida: email
  • Fat Tom: Gainesville: Florida: email
  • Cons: Orlando: Florida: email
  • Cross/Donny: Plantation, Florida: email
  • R.J./WatcherX (Watcher): Waterloo: Iowa: email
  • Danita/Cubiclesatan (Watcher): Liberytville: IL: email
  • Patrick (Watcher): Rockford/Chicago: IL: email
  • Bob/pabeader: North-East Indiana email
  • Denise/Aleena the Guardian: Winnipeg: Manitoba: email
  • Daryl: Canton: MI: email
  • Anthony/Starman: West Islip: New York: email
  • Danielle/Lady Buff: Arcade: Western New York: email
  • Sara: Arcade: Chapel Hill: North Carolina: email
  • KEM (Watcher) : Suburban Maryland : email
  • Nick/altavern: Cleveland: Ohio: email
  • Annalisa: Columbus: Ohio: email
  • Cindy/HyacinthGirl: Norman: OK: email
  • Alex (Watcher): Erie: PA: email
  • Sean (Watcher): Greeneville: East Tennessee: email
  • PSpikeman831: Madison: Wisconsin: email
  • Dave/dgjedi: West Allis: Wisconsin: email
    United Kingdom--Australia--Belgium --Canada--Germany--Malaysia --The Netherlands--New Zealand--Poland --USA

    Players -- Traders


    Looking to complete your set or just looking for that card for your next game combo? Then you need a card trading site.

    I was going to have a trading page here but I've found a site which does what I wanted only better. It has easy editing of trade/want lists, list matching and a references section. It's the site I'll be using.

    Buffy CCG Trading at

    Other trading sites

  • Buffy card trading at The Trading Zone.

  • Trading Buffy CCG at Yahoo Clubs.

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