Slayer Strategy

Okay, here's a combo three sets in the making. Start with a character who is super pumped with Butt-Kicking, like Super Spike or Kakistos. Now look at Stake 'em High (PP #125). Since it allows you to play two actions immediately, you can combo a talent changer (like Testosterone or Creep Factor) with Crushing Blow (Co99 #164). It allows for the quick change of resolving talents and then ends the fight before your foe can react. The only catches are that you have to have twice you opponent's Butt-Kicking (before Talent Stacks, of course) and you have to both have a card in a talent stack. It's not the most reliable of combos, but if this is an indication of things to come, Stake 'em High will find more and more use as combos like this rear their heads.

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